About Murakami

About Murakami is my dialogue with Yasukichi Murakami (1880 – 1944). Murakami was a Japanese born photographer who arrived in Cossack when he was sixteen years old. He later moved to Broome and began his career as a photographer. After moving to Darwin he opened his own photographic studio. He was interned in Tatura during WWII. He died whilst interned and is now buried in the Japanese Cemetery in Cowra.


Yasukichi Murakami 1905 Photo by Yasukichi Murakami and or Eki Nishioka

My project blog records the process of creating a performance About Murakami.

This project is an initiative in collaboration with Dr Lorna Kaino.

I am on my way to Broome to find out more about him and to listen to him through his photographs – about his life in Australia, about being a professional photographer and being of Japanese diaspora.

Mayu Kanamori

2 thoughts on “About Murakami

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to understand the spiritual process undertaken throughout your creative process. As much as can be learnt from viewing and understanding a creative process, having access to your growth as a person in regards to the events which occur in your world, and your personal interactions allows a deeper understanding of the purpose behind creativity.

  2. Hello Mayu, I am a great grand daughter of Yasukichi Murakami, living in Darwin. i came across your blog (?) about working on a project about 3 japanese photgraphers… Is this a story project or a photographic project?
    I would be very interested to have a look at it.

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